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“Rich Guy” is my real name. Who gets named “Rich Guy”?  I got the name from two grandfathers, one “Richard” and the other “Guy.”2014-06-06 19.42.35

My parents thought they’d call me “Richard” or “Dick.” I didn’t care for either and decided at 10 to become “Rich.” That decision lead to the realization that made me a “Rich Guy.” So, I have had fun with my name, to be sure.

Since becoming impressed with how the world is networked, my interest in computers and computer networks has led to a new career, after a thorough education. Following my graduation from California College San Diego, I became part of the staff, working as IT Support for students and staff. It’s a great job for me because I can share my fascination with these machines that have advanced our economy, health care, education and entertainment. I’m the IT Manager at the college’s San Marcos campus.

My career in IT has proven itself with my professional certifications from CompTIA (A+, Network+, Security+). Since CompTIA, I’ve added Cisco CCENT and CCNA Routing and Switching certifications. I love reading and learning IT, natural health and longevity, management and riding my hover board.

I have created this page for people interested in my writing (so far, not computer related), which I continue in my spare time. You could find me with a Google search of my name “Rich Guy Miller,” but it may be easier to list my hangouts in one single spot.

Life Forever Now dot com is where I have blogged the most. The focus is life and staring down death by living fully each day. It’s easy and inspiring yet thought provoking thoughts about what living fully entails. (Hint: it’s not extreme sports, becoming enamored with yourself or following your dream.) The ideas turned into a book on finding the meaning of life:

The Twelve Commitments To Life goes beyond the blog posts from Life Forever Now     Kindle version        Paperback version

My blog posts on Life Forever Now are available by subscription for Kindle readers.

The book my wife and I wrote from our online romance is The Vampire Dating Dot Com Diaries. The website. The ebook. The Kindle. The paperback.

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